Private Tantric Massage instruction is available now in Cannes by Lalita and Crystelle at Tantric Massage Cannes.

Tantric Massage Instruction Details

During this private Tantric massage instruction you will learn how to give a 1 hour Tantra Massage. In order to properly learn how to give Tantra massage you must see how the massage is performed, receive a Tantra massage and then give a Tantra massage. Tantra theory will also be explained and is included in the instruction.

Learning how to give a Tantra massage will take a minimum of 4 hours but you also have the choose to 6 hour or 8 hour days. In these sessions we will go more in depth into the massage and the theory will be more advanced.

Both of us will be present during the instruction to educate and assist you in learning Tantric massage. This will provide you with a thorough and complete understanding and an ability to give a fully satisfying Tantra Massage.

How to Book Your Tantric Massage Instruction

Pre-booking is required for private instruction.

Please call in advance for more details and prices.



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