Jennifer Lopez …


Oh yes…just found Vanity on Solid Gold (80’s American TV show)


Burlesque Fan Dance


1940s Burlesque Dancer :D Cant get enough of her


Dancers 1915 Casino de Paris & Moulin Rouge

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A beautiful and relaxing Laxmi Bhajan


This poem describes my Tantra Massage so well!

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Welcome to Tantric Massage Cannes.

Please read below for a brief description of our mobile Tantra Massage and out call Massage service that caters to professionals in hotels in Cannes and Monaco. Incall and visiting us at our studio is available in Cannes. Please know, our service is strictly private and discrete.

Our Tantra Massage is a slow, sensual and spiritual massage. We use full body strokes and work along the two main energy lines in your body. This creates a wave that can result in a full body orgasm and produces a deep state of peace and bliss. We use aromatherapy to ignite your senses, pressure points to open your body, and work intuitively on your chakras to align your body. Breathing exercises and connecting exercises are used to bring you into a deeper state of relaxation and trust.

The last twenty minutes is a Lingam (penis) Massage. During the Lingam Massage we spread your sexual energy to the other parts of your body to energise them. You can choose to have an orgasm or not. When you choose to have an orgasm it will be long, strong and will involve your full body. If you choose not to, your body will be fully energised and your mind alert and clear. You can always decide during the Lingam Massage

All you have to do is let go and to be passive. Passivity and the ability to let go are the key to the ultimate Tantric Massage experience.

This is truly a unique experience that you will always remember. The energy can be very strong and overwhelming, and we will guide you through the process. When preferred,talk time is available before and after the massage.

We look forward to meeting and massaging you very soon.



Cannes August 2015

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Fun fun fun!


Mobile Tantra Massage Cannes

Tantric Massage Cannes by Lalita is a premium mobile Tantra massage service that visits you in your hotel in Cannes.  I choose to have a mobile massage service in order to provide my clients with the absolute comfort by visiting them at their hotels in Cannes and Monaco.

For whatever reason you are in Cannes for – whether it is traveling, personal interest or business, you are more than welcome to benefit from my mobile Tantra massage service.

Why is a Mobile Tantra Massage Service in Cannes so good?

Choosing a mobile Tantra Massage means instead of you having to travel to a spa, I come to you!  This offers the most relaxing option of receiving a Tantra Massage benefits  in the comfort and convenience of your own home or hotel room.  You are able to remain in the environment where you are most comfortable.   It also removes the pre and post stresses of traveling across Cannes to your massage therapist and allows you to rest directly after my tantra massage.  My mobile Tantra massage service is useful for everyone but particularly for people who often don’t get home until after many spas are closed or don’t have time to take several hours out of their day to travel to get a Tantra massage.  It’s also perfect for those who have traveled long distances and want a mobile Tantra massage at their hotel in Cannes and Monaco.

So if you’re tired, stressed, jet-lagged, have aching muscles or just in need of some pampering, let me help you to relax, rebalance & rejuvenate by providing you with a mobile Tantra massage in your hotel room in Cannes.

Create your own tranquil haven in the comfort of your own hotel room or suite in Cannes and get a Tantra massage you will never forget.


Sensual Massage Cannes

Tantric Massage Cannes by Lalita is an exclusive mobile Tantric sensual massage service in Cannes that delivers relaxation and well-being at a location most convenient for you. Tantra Massage Cannes offers Tantra massage and sensual massage to hotels in Cannes and Monaco.

A world class luxury mobile massage service that improves client comfort level, will have you receive the ultimate Luxurious sensual massage experience at your hotel in London.

What is a Sensual Massage

The real intention of sensual massage is to relax, to open up to your partner’s emotions and to experience a higher level of pleasure in the relationship in general, including with intimate relations. Intimacy is not just about sex, but instead it is about feeling for one another on a deeper level. A sensual massage can help achieve this feeling of intimacy.

At Tantric Massage Cannes, I do my best to give you a luxury sensual massage at your hotel in London. I deliver the ultimate pleasure of a true sensual Tantric massage in the privacy of your hotel room in Cannes and Monaco.

Professional Mobile Tantric Massage (Sensual Massage)

Professional and Sincere, my goal is to provide you with a sensual massage that you will leave you completely relaxed, revitalized and with very sweet memories. My mobile Tantric massage service caters to hotels in Cannes. Discover a sensual, erotic and satisfying experience that you will never forget.venus-Rx-1